Help people make better choices

For developers of health decision support tools

Develop beautiful decision support tools that can remain up-to-date.

From patient decision aids, to prognostic tools, that can be used on desktop, mobile and tablet with fully responsive design - no coding required - so you can keep the content in line with current options and evidence.

Integrate advanced features that help the right option be chosen for the right person at the right time.

Individualize evidence

Tailor risks, options and visualizations based on an algorithm. So if the risk of a side-effect differs based on age, gender or a genetic disposition, you can provide the individualized estimate.

Individualize values

From simple sliders, to budget pies, discrete choice experiments and best worst scaling, you can help users understand what matters most to them in their decision, and to convey this to others.

Individualize recommendations

Integrate the individualized evidence and values to help a patients know what option might be best for them. Use MCDA or latent class model results to nudge patients to choose the best option.

Interactive data visualization

Create interactive visualizations to help people understand the information– such as icon arrays based on your algorithms.

Embed videos and images

From patient testimonials to health graphics.

Link to and from external sources

You can create your own questions, or hook into various databases such as REDCap through their API. Create tailored summary pages that can be emebded in EMRs or emailed to patients and providers.

Your style for your context.

Different styles work for different contexts – choose and adapt what works best for you.

Multiple Sclerosis
Atrial Fibrilation
Genomic Sequencing
Knee Arthroplastic Surgery

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Available fully open-source.

Contact us today and we will provide the entire source code and basic installation instructions to get you up and running.

How does this work?

We distribute the source code at no cost via an open-source license. If you wish to use decideapp in your organization, please contact us and we will get back to you with download and installation instructions. Note that we are unable to provide any free technical support on top of the basic installation instructions. If you need help with setup, hosting, or decision aid development, let us know via the contact form and we will get back to you with potential options.